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In our society, there are more than 40,000 people with genetic intellectual disabilities (30,000 with Down´s syndrome, 10,000 with Fragile X syndrome, and 2,500 with Williams Beuren syndrome). At present, however, no effective pharmacological treatments to alleviate these disabilities are available.

At the Grup de Recerca Clínica en Farmacologia Humana i Neurociències of the IMIM, we are conducting a number of clinical studies in conjunction with the Centre for Genomic Regulation (CRG) which we believe could make a decisive contribution to improving the quality of life of individuals with these disabilities. Nevertheless, to carry out these trials we rely on donations from private foundations and public research funds that cover some of our costs. Your help, however small, could be essential to our efforts to continue our research.

There is one way you can help via a funds transfer to bank account number ES75 2100 0801 1502 0050 2935 . Include your forename and surnames, and the word DOWN as a reference. If you require a certificate of donation, provide your details as accurately as possible.

Donations and contributions made to not-for-profit organisations governed by the tax regime described in Law 492002, such as Fundació IMIM, are subject to preferential tax treatment for donors, both in terms of corporation tax (in the case of legal entities) and income tax (in the case of individuals). More information.

To receive a certificate of donation, write to the Donations section ( Clearly state:

Name of the person or company transferring funds


National ID or tax identification code


To provide additional information or receive additional information on the project, write to Laia Roca at or call him on 93 316 04 60.

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