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The Integrated Pharmacology and Systems Neuroscience Research Group from the IMIM (Hospital del Mar Medical Research Institute) , and the Neurobehavioral Analysis Group from the Genomic Regulation Centre of Barcelona , together with a number of other entities and foundations, is carrying out clinical studies related to the improvement of cognitive performance in people with intellectual disability of genetic origin and those who suffer from neurodegenerative disease.

Studies which involve the participation of specialists from such fields as neuroscience, clinical pharmacology, biochemistry, genetics, neuropsychology, neurophysiology, and neuroimaging are necessarily multidisciplinary.

We are currently interested in the pleiotropic effects of natural compounds, such as flavonoids, on the central nervous system. The use of natural compounds, many of which are present in our diet with high toxicological safety, will permit a rapid translation of observations reported in animal models of disease to clinical studies in both healthy volunteers and patients.

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